ingrandimento 30k
ingrandimento 30k

Detail of cello board with F Stradivari model.

The board has regular veins and it is well seasoned. I buy the fir - wood for my instruments still in trunks only in Italy (val di Fiemme and val Canale) and it seasons at least for 10 years in my shop.
The fir - wood of these Italian valley is called "fir of resonance" for its extraordinar regilarity of veins and for its excallent physico - chemical qualities, due to the particular composition of the ground. It is the same wood the Great Italian teachers used in the past. The cut of the wood is only prachised with the method of " cleft" toallow a longitudinal "crach point" exactly along the vein.
This system, which was the same of the ancient violin - makers, is the best to get an excellent acoustic quality.

Detail on the violin board.

In this picture we can notice the veins and the fillets which surround the instrument.
The fillets is made up of three wood stripes, in general dyed and maple.
The fillets are carved. This complex work and the elegance of the points can show violin maker's skills.
The fillets function is to delimitate in space the board vibrations.

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